California ​Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise

Along with ride hailing and bike sharing, electric scooters have changed the traditional urban transit landscape. But it hasn’t been without consequences. Peter Holley from the Washington Post [...]

Sun City Truck Accident Attorney

Dedicated Truck Accident Legal Firm Assisting Sun City Families The sheer size of a truck can cause significant damage to other vehicles, drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists. If you [...]

Sun City Auto Accident Attorney

Experienced Auto Accident Firm Securing Compensation for Sun City Residents Our handheld devices provide more opportunities for distraction than ever before. Unfortunately, drivers are getting [...]

Sun City Car Accident Attorney

Seasoned Personal Injury Law Firm Winning Compensation on Behalf of Sun City Car Accident Victims Unfortunately, more drivers are getting behind the wheel and practicing unsafe behaviors, such as [...]

Sun City Personal Injury Attorney

Located in Riverside County, California, Sun City used to be a census-designated place (CDP) designed for residents over the age of 55. Now, along with Quail Valley, Sun City has been [...]

Man and Woman Killed in Winchester Head-On Collision

The Murietta Patch reported on the unfortunate death of two senior citizens in Winchester following a head-on car crash along Domenigoni Parkway, east of Winchester Road. California Highway [...]

Do We Know All the Health Risks of Gadolinium?

When we as patients face a potential condition that merits undertaking a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test, we tend to assume that all parts of the procedure will be at least benign if not [...]

Bicyclist Killed in Riverside County Hit-And-Run Accident

The search is underway for a driver who fatally struck a bicyclist and fled the scene on July 26, 2018. The California Highway Patrol is asking the public to provide any information that might [...]


Lake Elsinore Truck Accident Attorney

Respected Truck Accident Firm Helping Lake Elsinore Victims Win Compensation Accidents involving trucks can cause significant and severe injuries to people and to vehicles. If you have been [...]


Lake Elsinore Car Accident Attorney

Skilled Personal Injury Firm Obtaining Compensation for Lake Elsinore Car Accident Victims As more drivers practice unsafe behaviors, such as checking their phones, more people are injured at the [...]