Redlands Driver Wins Substantial Personal Injury Settlement

The victim of a driving accident in Redlands recently won a $2.25 million settlement from three defendants. Now, he’s ready to move on with his life with the financial assistance he needed to [...]

Fatal California Boat Fire Victims and Families Fighting for Justice

The families of victims of a fatal California boat fire are exploring their legal options for holding the owners financially responsible. While the owners have taken steps to protect themselves [...]

Los Angeles Considers Banning E-Scooters

Some Los Angeles officials are calling for a ban on e-scooters within city limits. With a rise in scooter-related injuries and an infrastructure that does little to ensure pedestrian or rider [...]

Tesla Autopilot Function Was Engaged When Crash Occurred

Investigators of a 2018 Culver City crash have determined that a Tesla driver repeatedly ignored warnings while the vehicle was in Autopilot mode, leading the car to crash into a fire engine. [...]

San Diego Resident Deals With Aftermath of Two Car Injuries in One Day

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know how scary the event and its aftermath can be. But imagine if you walked away from that crash a bit rattled, only to be struck down [...]

California Lead Paint Settlement Finally Reached

Nineteen years after several California counties and cities filed lawsuits against paint companies, a settlement has finally been reached. The plaintiffs aimed to have these corporations, [...]

California ​Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise

Along with ride hailing and bike sharing, electric scooters have changed the traditional urban transit landscape. But it hasn’t been without consequences. Peter Holley from the Washington Post [...]

Veteran Service Dog Nonprofit Still Thriving in Murrieta

For over a year, the city of Murrieta has been privileged to be the most recent home base for the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, a nonprofit group that provides service dogs to veterans. [...]

Corona Billboard Offender Ordered to Pay Over $1 Million to City

In a story that makes you think, “just quit while you’re ahead!” Corona resident and owner of AMG Outdoor Advertising, Inc. and Rockefellas bar Alex M. Garcia has gotten himself [...]

Roaming Chickens: Coming Soon to a Murrieta Backyard Near You!

Murrieta chicken lovers rejoice! As of last month it is officially legal to have up to four free-range, roaming chickens in your fenced back yard. Murrieta will join nearby Temecula and Riverside [...]

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