If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, it is well within your right to hold them financially responsible. When a victim files a personal injury claim, they are hoping to recover compensation for their medical costs, lost wages, and general pain and suffering. While some people may consider filing a personal injury claim on their own, working with a trusted and experienced personal injury attorney is highly recommended. Your attorney can give you a comprehensive and honest overview of what to expect from the process, and you can focus on your recovery while your attorney works on recovering the compensation you deserve.

Timing is Everything

In California, the sooner you decide to file a personal injury claim, the better. Like many other legal matters, a statute of limitations applies to personal injury lawsuits, so you must take legal action within a certain timeframe. If you do not act within the appropriate window, you forfeit your right to file a lawsuit. Generally, a personal injury victim can file a claim within two years of receiving the injury. After the two years have passed, pursuing a personal injury claim is no longer possible.

However, there are some circumstances when an accident victim does not learn of an injury until much later. For instance, some underlying damage was triggered by the accident, but the person does not show symptoms until much later. In these cases, the two-year window begins with the date the victim became aware of the injury. Remember, in order to build a successful claim, there needs to be adequate medical documentation that shows the injury was indeed caused by the accident.

A Knowledgeable Attorney Will Provide Support

When you meet with a seasoned personal injury attorney, you will go over the specifics of the circumstances of your injury. Additionally, your attorney will help you understand your rights and options, as well as what to expect during each step of the process. Generally, your attorney will handle the preparation and filing of all relevant court documents. These documents identify who is involved in the case and explains the legal basis for your claim. They also identify the amount of compensation you are seeking from the other party. Your attorney will ensure that these documents are completed accurately and filed in a timely manner.

During the next phase of the process, the attorneys for both parties begin the discovery and fact finding process. They gather evidence, witnesses, and any relevant information pertaining to the case. You will work with your attorney to compile a compelling amount of evidence to illustrate how much you lost due to the reckless or negligent behavior of the other party.

Finally, your attorney will lead you through a series of negotiations, and most cases are settled during this phrase. Your lawyer is trained to deal with the many aggressive tactics that the defendant’s attorneys will use to discredit or undermine your claim. If you cannot reach a satisfactory settlement, you can proceed to trial. While this takes a longer amount of time, your attorney will work hard to prepare a compelling and successful case that will ultimately win you the compensation you are owed.

Here to Help

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