Man and Woman Killed in Winchester Head-On Collision

The Murietta Patch reported on the unfortunate death of two senior citizens in Winchester following a head-on car crash along Domenigoni Parkway, east of Winchester Road. California Highway [...]

Six-Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Temecula Freeway

In late June, a driver on Interstate 15 struck another vehicle, causing a chain reaction that led to seven hospitalizations and over ten hours of heavy traffic. According to a California Highway [...]

Are Rideshare Companies About To Become Directly Liable for Accidents?

Accidents that involve for-hire cars from rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are an unfortunate fact of life. Although these accidents happen all the time, the companies have managed to [...]

Newly Released Data Shows Hit-and-Run Fatalities At Record High

Hit-and-run accidents, where someone leaves the scene of the incident before the appropriate information can be exchanged, are at an all-time high nationwide. According to a the AAA Foundation [...]

California Senate Bill 1030 Proposes Stiffer Penalties For Distracted Drivers

California lawmakers are getting serious about distracted driving. Over the last decade, several laws have been passed that address the issue of driving while using cell phones and other handheld [...]

Highway Patrol Ramps Up Efforts To Curb Distracted Driving In Riverside County

It’s no secret that distracted driving is a major problem facing drivers today. Even if you practice safe driving habits and do not drive while using your cell phone, many of your fellow drivers [...]

California Motorcyclist Sues GM in First Lawsuit Involving Self-Driving Car

In the first of what are sure to be several lawsuits of this nature, a motorcyclist who was struck by a Cruise AV in San Francisco in December of 2017 is suing General Motors for personal [...]

California Auto Accidents Show No Signs of Slowing Down

According to an article published last fall in the Sacramento Bee (2016 figures have yet to be released), auto accidents are on the rise in the Golden State. Using statistics compiled by the [...]

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer: The First Thing You Should Do Following a Car Accident

If you’ve ever found yourself involved in a car accident, chances are you reacted in a rash, emotionally charged manner. Chances are you’re also a human being, which makes this sort [...]

Shared-Fault Laws in California

In the state of California, there may be certain personal injury cases in which a defendant may claim that you (i.e. the plaintiff) are actually to blame for the accident, meaning that the total [...]

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