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While most people understand their right to pursue compensation following an auto accident in Southern California, the process can become more complex if the other vehicle was driving in Autopilot mode or had other self-driving features engaged. Talk to an attorney today to learn more.
Motorcycle accident injuries can be severe, and the process of pursuing a personal injury claim can be especially challenging to navigate. Reach out to a personal injury attorney today to learn more.
The number of trucking accident injuries has grown substantially within the last ten years, and so has the size of the average jury verdict. Read more about how so-called ‘nuclear verdicts’ are impacting the trucking industry.
While you can ultimately recover compensation following an auto accident in California to cover the medical bills incurred by your injuries, this process takes time. Medicare and Medi-Cal can pay for certain costs in the short-term, but you’ll need to repay them once a settlement is reached.
For victims of minor auto accidents in Riverside County, taking the at-fault driver to small claims court may be a solid option for securing the compensation you deserve.
Auto accident injuries vary in severity, so it’s always a good idea to seek medical attention to assess the scope of your injuries. Herniated discs, head injuries, and shoulder injuries are commonly suffered by California auto accident victims. Call a personal injury attorney to learn more.
After a significant decrease in auto accidents during the spring, Southern California is experiencing an uptick in injuries and fatalities associated with car, truck, biking, and pedestrian accidents.
Even in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential that you seek medical care following an auto accident.
In 2018, San Diego compensated nearly 50 people who suffered injuries because of the city’s crumbling sidewalks.
In February 2017, a Los Angeles woman was injured when her car tumbled into a sinkhole.

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