A Dog Just Bit Me—Now What?

For the most part, dogs are wonderful companions to us and are usually friendly towards people and other dogs. Unfortunately, some dogs are less predictable, and they can become violent in [...]

California Leads The Nation In Number of Dog Bite Claims

Dogs are widely considered to be our best friends. However, improperly trained or aggressive dogs can cause significant pain if they attack. According to the Centers for Disease Control and [...]

Dog Bite Injuries on the Rise in California

Even dogs you would never expect to hurt someone sometimes do, which is why California has strict dog bite laws in place to protect the public. Unfortunately, these laws do not always prevent the [...]

Dog Bites Up an Impawsible 44% in Last 10 Years

And you thought that five-year drought was bad! According to CBS’ San Francisco affiliate, dog bites have increased by an astounding 44% over the last 10 years. Alameda, San Francisco, San [...]

Dog Bite Laws in the State of California

Under California state law, if a dog attacks or injures you without provocation, the owner of the dog may be legally responsible to the full amount of the injury sustained. Keep in mind that you [...]