In continuing our focus on sexual harassment in the state of California, it is important to understand which types of behavior are most often encountered in the workplace.

Exposure to a Toxic Work Environment

Broadly speaking, when any employee is exposed to an offensive work environment, regardless of gender, he or she has experienced sexual harassment.

Getting Fired for Refusing to Perform a Sexual Act

It should go without saying, but anytime an employee is fired or denied a job/promotion because he or she refuses to grant sexual favors or because he or she complained about harassment, sexual harassment has occurred. Remember, retaliation for complaining about harassment is illegal, even if it cannot be proven that the harassment actually took place.

Quitting Due to an Unsafe Work Environment

Sexual harassment that results in the resignation of any employee is often referred to as a “constructive discharge” harassment case. If it is proven that a reasonable person (in a similar circumstance) would voluntarily leave his or her job in order to escape sexual harassment, his or her employer may be held liable for the resignation as if the employee had been discharged.

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