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DUI: Going to Court Without a Lawyer

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While you are legally allowed to represent yourself in court, it is generally encouraged that you seek legal advice from an experienced defense attorney, especially if your rights and freedom are at stake. Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is no laughing matter, and a negative outcome could mean the difference between a simple fine or a lengthy jail sentence.

You’re Not Alone

The state of California has several laws regarding reckless driving and DUI. If you choose to go to court without representation, it is your responsibility to know these laws and regulations in a manner befitting a lawyer. At Hales & Associates, Attorneys we’re committed to securing the outcome you deserve.

Call Hales & Associates, Attorneys

If you were recently caught driving under the influence, you’ll need to consult an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Call (951) 435-0842 now to schedule your complimentary consultation. With over twenty years’ experience defending Murrieta clients in criminal defense cases, we know what it takes to help you move forward.

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