Earlier this month, Congressman Xavier Becerra accepted Governor Jerry Brown’s nomination to serve as California’s next attorney general. If confirmed by the state legislature, Rep. Becerra will be the Golden State’s first Latino attorney general.

A Rising Star in the Democratic Party

Becerra has been representing California since 1993. The son of a Mexican immigrant mother and a U.S. citizen father who traveled extensively between the two countries, Becerra previously served on the House Ways & Means Committee. As the 2016 presidential campaign transitioned from the primaries to the general election, Becerra was frequently mentioned as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton.

California’s First Line of Defense

California has long been one of the most progressive states in the union, and it may soon be up to Becerra to ensure that trend continues. Policies concerning immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, health care and climate change will likely face opposition once the next administration assumes power, and it will be the role of the most populous state’s top legal official to protect and defend those most vulnerable to Trump’s hardline stances. Indeed, it’s more than likely that Becerra will soon find himself battling the Trump administration on sanctuary cities, one of many policies in which California leads the nation.

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