Image of a collection of bullets. Possession of high-capacity magazines may be permitted now that a federal judge has sided with the NRA on California's new gun laws.

Update: Federal Judge Sides with NRA on California’s New Gun Laws

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In June, we wrote about several new California gun safety laws that had been passed and elicited appeals from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Recently, a federal judge sided with the NRA that some of these regulations violated citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Let’s take a look at what this means going forth.

Taking Aim at Assault Rifles & Ammunition

Back in 2000, California prohibited the possession and sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines. People who already owned these magazines, however, were given a pass and permitted to keep them. Proposition 63, passed by voters in 2016, would have rescinded this permission and forced those in possession to forfeit them or face criminal charges. As expected, the NRA lodged an appeal, claiming that the new law violates Second Amendment rights and results in the government seizing private property without proper compensation.

A Temporary Suspension

After hearing the NRA’s argument, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez tentatively sided with the plaintiff and ordered a preliminary injunction of the implementation of this new law. A temporary block of another portion of Proposition 63 postpones the implementation of a ban on assault-style firearms. These segments of the bill will be delayed until Benitez makes a final ruling or if an appeals court overturns his injunction.

Staying Current on Gun Laws

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