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Workplace Harassment in California

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In accordance with state and federal law, California workers are protected from any form of workplace harassment, including sexually explicit comments, jokes, photos, drawings, and/or sending emails that constitute a hostile work environment. It is illegal for employees and those in a managerial capacity to engage in threatening and/or intimidating behavior, as well as unwanted physical conduct of any fashion.

Harassment Comes in Many Shapes & Sizes

Though harassment is typically associated with sexual misconduct, it also relates to offensive gestures, comments and other activities directed at employees due to their religion, national origin and/or sexual orientation, as well as gender, race, or disability.

You Have Rights

While isolated incidents or simple teasing do not constitute harassment, unwanted conduct that becomes pervasive will render employers and relevant colleagues liable to legal action. No employee may be disciplined, discharged, demoted or otherwise penalized for her or his reaction to any form of harassment, including those who voluntarily resign due to a hostile work environment.

Hales & Associates, Attorneys is Here to Help

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