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2013 Car Accident Statistics for the State of California

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The Numbers

While 2013 is the most recent year for which we have statistical data, the following figures nevertheless illustrate the fact that car-related personal injuries and fatalities continue to be a serious concern for Californians. For example, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), over 3,100 people died in car accidents in 2013, with another 223,128 suffering injuries. Overall, just under 157,000 automobile collisions occurred in 2013, with 2,853 of those collisions proving fatal.

Teens Especially Vulnerable

Fatalities among drivers under the age of 20 increased 5.5% between 2012 and 2013, while deaths among drivers aged 16 – 19 increased just under 12% during the same period. Interestingly, young men make up 78% of teen driver fatalities.

Stay Alert

A previous blog post detailed the ways in which California drivers may become distracted while driving. Wearing your seat belt, staying alert and avoiding distractions like cell phones, cosmetics and food/drinks are all good ways to increase your chances of a safe and successful trip.

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