City of San Diego Paid Millions on Sidewalk Injuries in 2018

City of San Diego Paid Millions on Sidewalk Injuries in 2018

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In 2018, San Diego compensated nearly 50 people who suffered injuries because of the city’s crumbling sidewalks.

Over the course of 2018, San Diego paid compensation to nearly 50 individuals for injuries they sustained due to broken or hazardous sidewalks. The majority of victims were injured when walking along one of the city’s sidewalks, tripping or slipping on uneven or crumbling surfaces. Currently, San Diego has a large backlog of sidewalks and streets in desperate need of repair, so pedestrians have been cautioned to watch their steps carefully when using city walkways. The number of payouts from the city increased from 2017, and projections indicate that future years may also see a rise in claims and settlements.

A Widespread Problem

San Diego city officials acknowledge that there are close to 100,000 sidewalks in need of repairs throughout the area. Recent estimates find that, in order to complete these necessary repairs, it would cost the city approximately $100 million. While the city recognizes its responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, many people still suffer injuries due to these hazardous conditions.

Sharing the Cost

In many cases, the city is held responsible for infrastructure that is in a state of disrepair. However, current city policy compels nearby property owners to assist in covering the costs of repairs stemming from “normal wear and tear.” In instances involving major issues, such as broken water lines, shifting soil, or massive tree root damage, the city will typically bear the repair costs. Negotiating the shared cost of repairs between the city and the adjacent property owners can be a long and laborious process, which causes delays. In 2018, a total of 44 repairs were made using the shared cost model.

Holding the City Responsible

Each year, many individuals sue the city of San Diego for injuries they received while walking along unsafe sidewalks. In 2018, almost fifty individuals were compensated for their injuries, with payouts ranging from $300 to $1.5 million each (the average payment was $58,860 per claim). In total, San Diego paid sidewalk injury victims a total of $2.94 million over the course of the year. A spokesperson for the city recently stated that the “safety of residents, as well as ease of mobility, is the reason the City of San Diego has been proactive in the assessment, repair, and replacement of our sidewalks.”

Even though the city is aware of its duty to address the repairs and provide safer sidewalks throughout San Diego, people are still suffering injuries and taking legal action to recover compensation.

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