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Family of Californian Man Awarded $68 Million in Personal Injury Verdict

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A family in California has just received a windfall of an a verdict in a high-profile case. A Fresno Superior Court jury awarded $68 million to the family of Silvino Perez, the victim of a doctor’s negligence during a surgical procedure. Perez has been in a comatose state for six years, and now his family can at least recover from some of the financial hardship the doctor’s mistake has caused them.

Doctor at Fault

Dr. Pervaiz Chaundhry presided over Perez’s open-heart surgery on April 2, 2012 at Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) in downtown Fresno. During the procedure, complications arose, including an unanticipated right coronary artery reimplantation and an aortic repair, which Chaundhry attempted to keep hidden. As a result of the doctor’s negligent and dishonest behavior, Perez suffered widespread organ damage and permanent brain injury. He will likely remain in a coma for the rest of his life.

Steve Heimberg, counsel for the Perez family, stated, “The jury was able to recognize that Dr. Chaudhry’s behavior was absolutely not what we expect from anyone in the medical community, especially a surgeon who literally holds people’s lives in his hands.”

Family Receives Award at Last

The Perez family has endured much hardship over the last 6 years. Chris Arteaga, the victim’s son, told ABC News, “We were robbed of my dad and my dad was robbed of his life.” The jury found in favor of Perez and his family, awarding them $68 million, including $12.39 million in punitive damages.

Ricardo Echeverria, an attorney representing the family, made a statement after the verdict was handed down. “While the jury’s verdict will never be able to restore Mr. Perez’s mental state or make his family whole, we are grateful that these jurors found Dr. Chaudhry guilty of putting this beloved man into a coma through his actions.”

Representation You Can Count On

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