FAQs About Auto Accident Settlements in Riverside County

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California auto accident victims often have several questions about the settlement recovery process. Working with a skilled auto accident lawyer is the best way to receive clear answers and recover the best settlement possible.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Temecula or Murrieta, you likely have several questions about the process for obtaining compensation. Focusing on your physical recovery is overwhelming enough—not to mention the financial stress of paying the medical bills and other costs associated with your injury. Here are a few common questions about California’s auto accident recovery process to help you get started.

What Types of Damages Can I Obtain After the Accident?

The amount of compensation you receive depends on several factors. In general, those who suffer severe and costly injuries qualify for a greater settlement amount. California allows auto accident victims to receive compensation for medical expenses associated with any prescribed treatments (i.e., medical bills, physical therapy, etc.), lost income (both present and future), pain and suffering, damage to personal property, and expenses stemming from disability (like shuttle services, medical supplies, or child care).

Do I Need to See a Doctor For Minor Injuries?

Major injuries require immediate medical attention, but you may think that minor injuries don’t require a trip to the doctor. However, it’s always a good idea to visit a medical professional within the few days after the accident to assess the nature, extent, and severity of these injuries. Not only will you be screened for any harder-to-detect injuries (like concussions or internal bleeding)—your visit will also establish official documentation that can be used to build a strong auto accident claim.

Is an Attorney Really Necessary to File an Auto Accident Claim?

California law does not require you to work with an attorney to file an auto accident claim and collect compensation. However, it’s highly recommended that you do so, as your attorney can represent your best interests and negotiate a more favorable settlement on your behalf. Unfortunately, many auto accident victims end up accepting the initial settlement offer just because they’re eager to get on with their lives. As a result, they accept lowball offers and lose out on the total amount of compensation they need to make a full recovery. Enlist the support and guidance of a trusted Temecula attorney to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome.


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