How Do I File an Auto Accident Claim in Southern California?

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Filing an auto accident claim can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By reporting the incident to your insurance company in a timely manner, gathering evidence to support your claim, and working with a trusted attorney, you can increase your chances of recovering a favorable settlement.

Being involved in a car accident can create significant stress in your life. Suddenly, you must cope with your physical recovery, attend doctor’s appointments, miss work because of your injury, worry about the medical bills that are piling up, and navigate the mental and emotional fallout from the accident. On top of all these stressors, you may wonder how you can obtain the compensation you need to cover these unanticipated expenses. Here are some basic steps for filing an auto accident claim in Riverside County so you can secure the compensation you need to support your recovery.

1. Notify Your Auto Insurance Company

To initiate the claims process, you will need to notify your insurance company of the accident, regardless of which party caused the accident. However, it’s important to recognize that the insurance adjusters represent the company’s best interests, not yours. This means that the insurance adjuster may attempt to undermine or discredit your claim with the aim of paying you as little as possible and saving the company money. In your conversations with the insurance adjuster, refrain from admitting any fault and respond to each question as objectively as possible.

2. Gather Evidence to Strengthen Your Claim

The more evidence you can gather to strengthen your claim, the more likely you’ll receive a favorable settlement. Make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible after the accident, as this paperwork will document the nature and extent of your injuries. Follow through on all recommended treatments, such as medications and physical therapy appointments, to show that you are taking your recovery seriously. Save these receipts, as well as any other documents illustrating how the accident has impacted your finances.

3. Enlist the Support of a Skilled Temecula Attorney

While California does not require auto accident victims to work with an attorney to file a claim, it’s almost always in your best interest to do so. Navigating tense conversations with insurance adjusters can be stressful, especially when you are trying to focus on your recovery. Your auto accident lawyer can step in to handle these negotiations on your behalf, working hard to secure an equitable and favorable settlement. Working with a trusted Temecula attorney can give you the support and confidence you need to get your life back on track.


If you need help filing an auto accident claim in Temecula or Murrieta, call Hales & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, today at (951) 489-3320 to discuss your goals with a trusted auto accident lawyer.

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