How to Handle a Lowball Settlement Offer After a California Auto Accident

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Accepting an initial offer from the auto insurance company may deprive you of receiving the full value of your claim. Discuss your situation with a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer today to learn more.

Coping with an unexpected auto accident injury can be overwhelming and stressful. While you focus on your physical recovery, you may also worry about the expensive medical bills, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident. When the auto insurance company finally makes you a settlement offer, you may be tempted to accept it just to obtain the compensation as soon as possible. However, accepting an initial offer may deprive you of receiving the full value of your claim. Working with a trusted Temecula auto accident lawyer is the best way to maximize your settlement.

Recognizing the Auto Insurance Company’s Tactics

It’s important to remember that auto insurance companies are still businesses, meaning they will do what they can to expend as little money as possible. They may attempt to undermine, discredit, or deny your claim for any number of reasons. If they approve your claim, they will often propose an initial settlement that undervalues the total worth of your claim. Communicating with auto insurance adjusters can be frustrating, so it’s helpful to enlist the guidance of a knowledgeable auto accident attorney to handle these negotiations on your behalf.

Knowing the True Worth of Your Auto Accident Claim

It’s hard to negotiate a fair settlement if you don’t know the full value of your claim. Your attorney can help you gather and assess all the documents demonstrating the costs you’ve expended on your injuries, including medical bills, physical therapy bills, medications, paychecks you’ve missed because you’ve been able to work, and other essential information. Once you have a clearer understanding of the amount of compensation you need to cover these costs, you can approach the initial settlement offer with greater confidence.

Pushing Back Against a Lowball Settlement Offer

The auto insurance company’s initial settlement offer will likely fall far below the full value of your claim. While you may be tempted to accept it and move on, taking a few additional steps to negotiate a more favorable settlement can be worth it. Auto insurance companies typically want to avoid litigation, so they tend to be receptive to further negotiations. Your attorney can step in to negotiate a fairer settlement, allowing you to obtain the financial support you need to get your life back on track.


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