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Safe Cycling: Avoiding Personal Injury While Biking in Temecula

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With heavier bike traffic comes a higher potential for injuries occurring between a cyclist and a motorist.

Many cities around the country are making efforts to become more bike-friendly. The city of Temecula currently offers over 97 miles of bike lanes and has plans to expand multi-use infrastructure soon. However, with heavier bike traffic comes a higher potential for injuries occurring between a cyclist and a motorist. Here are some tips for avoiding personal injury as a bicyclist:

Be Cautious When Approaching Intersections

Four-way stops can be challenging for cyclists, since drivers may not see you. Be sure to stop fully and try to make eye contact with drivers, making them aware of your presence. Even when you have the right of way, do not assume drivers will react accordingly. Making eye contact and ensuring that drivers see you will minimize the potential for injury at an intersection.

Beware of Right-Turning Cars

One of the most common accidents for bicycle riders occurs when a car makes a right turn and hits a cyclist. While the motorist should be checking mirrors and looking for cyclists, many drivers do not do this regularly. Always be aware of cars stopped at a red light that may be turning right. Never assume drivers will use their turn signal. If you are to the right of a vehicle that is waiting at a red light, pull out slightly ahead of the car and attempt to make your presence known to the driver.

Use Designated Bike Lanes Whenever Possible

Many cities are implementing designated bike lanes to make motorists more aware of cyclists who share the road with them. Cyclists should use these lanes whenever possible. If there is no designated bike lane on a particular street, do not ride on the sidewalk — this is prohibited in cities across California, and it is quite dangerous. Cyclists riding on sidewalks are practically invisible to motorists, and accidents arise when cyclists suddenly pull out into traffic from a sidewalk.

Help When You Need It

Even if you are careful, bicycle accidents do happen. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury and needs help collecting the appropriate compensation, contact Hales & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation in Murrieta today at (951) 489-3320. We offer free consultations and will work tirelessly to get you the benefits you need and deserve.

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