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Suffering an injury at the hands of someone else can be devastating. While car crashes can lead to substantial injuries, those involving large trucks can be catastrophic or even fatal. The sheer size and mass of commercial trucks can wreak havoc on smaller vehicles, leading to severe driver and passenger injuries that require long, difficult, and costly recoveries. As the roadways throughout Riverside County see heavy truck usage, it’s important to recognize some of the most common causes of trucking accident injuries and how to be on the lookout for these hazards.

1. Mistakes in Truck Driver Decision-Making

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 87 percent of trucking accidents stemmed from driver error, 10 percent came from issues with the vehicle, and 3 percent were caused by environmental conditions. Truck driver decisions accounted for 38 percent of trucking accidents. For instance, drivers who exceeded the speed limit or traveled too fast in poor weather conditions and drivers who followed other vehicles too closely were more prone to crash.

2. Distracted Driving Behaviors in Truck Drivers

Another major cause of trucking accidents is distracted driving habits. Truck drivers who were lost in thought or fiddling with their phones had a harder time reacting to hazards on the road, making them more likely to crash their vehicles. Distracted driving continues to pose a significant threat to overall road safety, and truck drivers who were inattentive or distracted by something inside their vehicle tended to crash their trucks more often than those who did not engage in distracting driving practices.

3. Issues With the Truck Itself

In as many as ten percent of trucking accidents, physical issues with the vehicle played a major role in the collision. For instance, braking system failures, tire issues, sudden cargo shifts, and other problems with the truck’s performance may contribute to the increased likelihood of a crash. While trucking companies and industry regulations require regular vehicle inspections, strict adherence to these standards may not always occur. However, although many trucking accidents can be traced back to poorly serviced trucks, the majority of incidents stem from truck driver error.


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