Determining Fault in Auto Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles in Southern California

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Determining fault in an accident involving autonomous vehicles may be much more complicated, as multiple parties may share responsibility. Contact a trusted auto accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about your options.

While driverless cars used to seem like a distant concept, current efforts to automate vehicles are speeding up. So far, driverless vehicles have appeared in some cities across the country, but they have not been without their share of issues. As advancements in technology and automation continue to make driverless cars more of a reality, it’s helpful to understand what the presence of these vehicles on California roadways could mean for auto insurance and accident protocols. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Varying Degrees of Automation

Even though Tesla offers an “Autopilot” feature in several of their vehicles, they admit that a human should still be present to control the car if need be. So far, some individuals have let their Tesla vehicles run by themselves while they engaged in distracting behaviors; in some of these instances, crashes have occurred. For example, a Tesla vehicle was involved in a fatal accident in April 2021, with eyewitnesses claiming that the car had no driver and the Autopilot feature was engaged. Safety continues to be a high priority for companies pursuing autonomous features.

Determining Fault in Automated Vehicle Accidents

In a typical accident, determining fault tends to be a fairly straightforward process. For instance, if a driver ran a red light and struck another vehicle, they clearly contributed to the accident. However, assigning blame in an accident involving autonomous vehicles may be much more complicated, as multiple parties may share responsibility. Legislators have yet to announce guidelines for determining fault in these types of accidents, so the parties and their attorneys may have to navigate uncharted territory in the near future.

How a Trusted Temecula Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve suffered an auto accident injury in Riverside County and you need help collecting compensation, reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. Whether you’ve been struck by a truck or an autonomous vehicle, your attorney will assess the details of your case and determine the best course of action to secure you the compensation you need to get your life back on track.


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