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What You Need to Know About California’s Product Liability Laws

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California has some of the most stringent product liability laws in America. Whereas many states allow residents to seek compensation only for “unreasonably” dangerous products, the Golden State allows those living within its borders to seek compensation for any defective product that’s been sold to the public.

So You Want to File a Product Liability Claim…

A California plaintiff may file a product liability claim on any one of three bases: 1) design defect; 2) manufacturing defect; or 3) inadequate warning. This means that, in theory, a California claimant can sue the product’s designer, manufacturer and retailer if the circumstances of the injury so warrant. A successful outcome, however, depends on a variety of factors, with perhaps the most important being the requirement that the defective product was being used as directed when the injury occurred.

Why Hales & Associates, Attorneys?

California’s product liability laws are as strict as they are complex. More often than not, defendants will enlist a team of high-priced attorneys who specialize in discouraging your efforts to protect your rights. Having dedicated his career to helping Murrieta and Riverside County clients overcome product liability injuries, personal injury attorney Brent Hales understands what’s required to secure a favorable outcome. Call (951) 435-0842 now to schedule your free consultation.

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