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Orange County Passenger Sues Uber Over Loss Of Limbs

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A man is suing Uber after both of his legs were amputated due to a traffic accident.

The rideshare company Uber is making waves again. A man is suing Uber after both of his legs were amputated due to a traffic accident. Brendan Brock’s attorneys are seeking between $25 milltion and $50 million in damages.

The Tragic Incident

According to the lawsuit, Brock, 23, was a passenger in Uber driver Gregory Raymond Lopez’s 2016 Jeep Compass on March 7, 2018. Around one a.m., Lopez’s vehicle ran out of gas while driving on the Santa Ana Freeway. The driver steered the Jeep towards the right shoulder, but he was unable to completely move the vehicle out of the traffic lanes.

Lopez and Brock exited the vehicle and tried to push it off of the freeway. Tragically, the driver of another vehicle, Jonathan Aukusotino Tavita, lost control of his car and crashed into Brock. As a result, “Both of plaintiff’s legs required amputation due to the severity of the crushing injuries,” his lawsuit states.

Holding Negligent Drivers Responsible

Brock is seeking compensation from Uber Technologies, Inc., Uber’s insurance carrier, Rasier-CA LLC, and Lopez. He also names Tavita as a defendant. The lawsuit alleges that Lopez was not fit to drive the Jeep and his negligence put Brock in a dangerous position where he was subsequently harmed. In addition to the lawsuit, Brock and his family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of his medical expenses in the short term. They have already surpassed their goal of raising $100,000.

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