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Redlands Driver Wins Substantial Personal Injury Settlement

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The victim of a driving accident in Redlands recently won a $2.25 million settlement from three defendants.

A man who sustained multiple injuries after slipping into an unmarked ditch while driving in the Redlands area won a $2.25 million settlement from the three parties responsible for the incident. The three named defendants are the city of Redlands, development company Hillwood Construction Services of California LP, and A Cone Zone, Inc., which served as a contractor for the city’s project. Insurance carriers for these three entities will cover the cost of the settlement.

A Closer Look at the Incident

According to the plaintiff, Mark Digiacinto, the incident took place in the early morning of December 29, 2015. Mr. Digiacinto was driving along Lugonia Avenue in Redlands, and this particular stretch of road was under construction. When the long line of cones in the right lane suddenly stopped, he assumed it was safe to change lanes and travel in the right lane. However, when he moved his vehicle into the right lane, he reported that his car suddenly “dropped off” into a two-feet deep ditch, which caused his car to overturn. As a result, the victim sustained multiple injuries to his neck and back.

Pursuing Legal Action

After seeking medical attention and focusing on his recovery, Mr. Digiacinto filed a personal injury claim in San Bernardino Superior Court in 2017. He named the three defendants and sought compensation for his past and future medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. According to one defendant, A Cone Zone, they simply placed the cones according to the instructions given by Hillwood Construction Services. It was later discovered after Mr. Digiacinto’s incident occurred that many other drivers had also driven into this same ditch. For now, it’s not known if any of these other drivers are planning to sue the city.

A Favorable Outcome

Although a trial date for Mr. Digiacinto’s case had been set for October, the case ended up settling at the end of August. Insurance carriers for the city of Redlands and Hillwood Construction Services will pay for $2.1 million of the settlement, while two other insurance companies for A Cone Zone will be responsible for the remaining amount. The plaintiff is eager to move on with his life with the financial assistance that he needs in order to compensate for his suffering.

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