The city of Oakland, California, has reached a settlement with a motorcyclist who was struck by a police officer’s vehicle in 2017. The $12 million settlement is one of the largest in the Bay Area’s history. The victim suffered extensive injuries that have prevented him from working and left him with piles of medical bills.

The Violent Incident

According to court papers, Elliott Van Fleet was riding his motorcycle on the morning of March 25, 2017. As he was riding through a green light, a police officer driving an SUV police vehicle ran a red light and crashed into him, causing Van Fleet to be thrown from his motorcycle.

Van Fleet was severely injured from the crash. He sustained fractures to his pelvis and vertebrae, and his lower-left leg had to be amputated at the hospital. Other deep wounds and injuries to his skin occurred as well.

Holding the Reckless Driver Accountable

Van Fleet claims that the police officer ran the red light without stopping. This is a violation of the pursuit policy enforced by the Oakland Police Department. While the Oakland Police Department has declined to comment on this incident and any action they’ve taken against this officer, the settlement appears to at least partially acknowledge some responsibility.

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