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Two Reasons Why Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied

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If you’ve recently lost a loved one, you’re probably familiar with the heartbreaking challenges often associated with trying to claim a decedent’s life insurance policy. Here in California, it is not at all uncommon for grieving family members to be left struggling to cope, both emotionally and financially, with their new reality. While the compassionate team at Hales & Associates, Attorneys can help you and your family right this unconscionable wrong, it’s worth examining the most common reasons for why your life insurance claim was denied.

1. The Contestability Period

Many life insurance policies contain some type of contestability period, a sort of delay that allows insurance companies to investigate whether or not your loved one provided inaccurate information when they initiated the policy. For example, if your loved one implied that they suffered from a medical condition from which they were actually unafflicted — even if that person ended up dying in a freak accident totally unrelated to said condition — the insurance company would be able to deny your claim for benefits.

2. Your Loved One’s Cause of Death Wasn’t Covered

According to Steven Weisbart, an economist with the Insurance Information Institute, this used to be a major problem that, in recent years, has become more or less obsolete. In the past, for example, many insurance companies would deny life insurance claims if the decedent died while doing something reckless (i.e. skydiving) or while serving in a theater of war. Fortunately, insurance companies have begun accepting these causes of death as worthy of compensation. If your loved one committed suicide, however, you may still find it difficult to receive life insurance benefits.

You Must Act Now

Having a life insurance claim denied can be devastating. Many times the endless paperwork you face and the powers that you are up against can be extremely frustrating. Working with Hales & Associates, Attorneys will increase your chances of obtaining a successful outcome. Call (951) 489-3320 today to get started.

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